Qwertycoin GUI Wallet

Classic Qwertycoin Graphic UI wallet v6.0.2

Qwertycoin Zero Wallet

New Qwertycoin Light wallet v6.0.0

>_Command-line Suite

Command-line wallet for services v6.0.5

>Web Wallet

Welcome to the Qwertycoin Web Wallet. v1.0.0

>Android Mobile Wallet

Welcome to the Qwertycoin Mobile Wallet. v0.4.0

Which one to choose?

  • if you're new to cryptocurrencies, or need to quickly get functional wallet and don't want to wait for synchronization for several hours – use the Zero Wallet.
  • if you want to fully control your funds and want to help the network – use full Desktop wallet.
  • If you're lazy and most of your time on the road, use the Web Wallet: myqwertycoin.com

How to use Qwertycoin:

  1. Select a Wallet from the left side
  2. Download the right Version for your computer
  3. Unzip the downloaded file
  4. Open "Qwertycoin" or "qwertycoind"